ABOUT - Nicolás Pina Calvin


Nicolas is a passionate traveler, photographer, and filmmaker that dedicates his life to pursue the "road less traveled".

His obsession with the cold environments coupled with his continuous desire of leaving the comfort zone has taken him to places like Norway, Iceland, Finland and the Faroe Islands in search of the real beauty of the North.

Focused on surf exploration, Nicolás is also an expert in planning expeditions to remote places looking for waves.

Beyond all that, what keeps him chasing the last frontiers is to share those experiences with his closest people and to inspire others to get out and explore the world.

“It’s almost night on the Arctic Circle and we've been in the water for three hours. Every shot is a struggle, I’m more focused on moving my finger than framing the picture. The lights are already on in the village houses but we are addicted to these icy lines.”


“After a winding road through a valley I get to Saksun, a really small town in front of a lake, which connects to the ocean when the biggest storms happens. Only two families live here, and I had the pleasure of sharing a long conversation on the road with the mother of one of the farmers of the village. The way these people talk about their lifestyle, their customs and their love for the landscape and the simple things, really makes you rethink the way you live.”


“For some reason, I love cold. This involves many sacrifices and puts me to the limit sometimes, but the reward usually comes in form of loneliness. ”



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